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While M6 broadcasts the 50th show led by Philippe Etchebest, meeting with those who act with restaurants.

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If Philippe Etchebest is the figurehead of the ship Nightmare in the kitchen , several entities are needed to support the bankrupt institutions. For each program, a team from the Studio 89 production company starts by selecting files from the proposed institutions. “After reviewing the applications, we investigate and then deliver our selection to Rivalis,” says Romuald Graveleau, program director at Studio 89.

“Like a cure of psychoanalysis”

Rivalis then performs a management audit. “It’s about estimating the profitability of the company, decrypts Nicolas Jordan, expert in corporate management at Rivalis.We look at the behavior of ratios, purchases, expenses, competition, positioning … also wonders if we do not arrive too late: when someone has not paid rent for months and the ushers at his door, it is not the chef Etchebest who will be able to do anything On the human aspect, we also evaluate the ability to question ourselves, they are often in a kind of fog and they do not realize that the situation is serious, they work like crazy, take a step back is sometimes complicated. “

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Contacted candidates abound in this sense: the show brings them a second wind, even if the rebirth is painful. “It was loud and surprising, like a cure of psychoanalysis.” “We must admit that what we were doing was not good,” says Alex Savy, from Madrid (now Truc Much ) at Canet, at L’Independant . Nicolas Jordan adds: “The ego takes a hit, they often go for lock-ups.The shooting lasts five days, they take full face for two days.They are not masochists: if they agree, it’s they need it to get by, it’s their last chance. “

“They win Lotto by participating in the show”

When Philippe Etchebest plays an important role on the kitchen part, Rivalis develops the commercial strategy. “When a chef has 50 dishes à la carte, it’s already a repositioning to keep only nine, but they are not chosen at random.” Each plate is the subject of a study. “The creperie is one of the most profitable elements, decrypts Nicolas Jordan, because the raw materials are not expensive.It is minute and there are few losses.”

On the other hand, a seafood and fish establishment may have to throw away expensive products because they are quickly perishable. For its part, a card of “traditional” recipes implies a bigger work upstream – cooking, sauces – and thus personnel.

The prices are also scrutinized: how much does the restaurant have to earn per dish sold to pay employees and expenses?

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Nicolas Jordan works for Rivalis, a company specializing in supporting entrepreneurs who are involved in the show Cauchemar in the kitchen.

Courtesy of Rivalis

Not only is the repositioning brought to them on a silver platter, but the help is also material. “They win the Loto by participating in the show, because they are offered a new decoration, a new kitchen and six months of support.The establishment does not pay anything,” says Nicolas Jordan.

“They are masters of their destiny, sometimes it works, sometimes not”

The timing of the broadcast is double-edged: it can increase attendance, but also scratch the image. But at a time when social networks and scoring sites can create fashion effects or precipitate falls, this is not trivial. Some feel lonely, even depreciated from the press kit.

Raphael Dessoly, in Paray-le-Monial, was enthusiastic about the press since the announcement of the program in which he participated – the “à la bouche” closed soon after the shooting. He estimated in the Journal de Saone-et-Loire , the release “lie”: “They use misplaced expressions such as ‘decoration out of age’, ‘lamentable state’ or ‘general letting go’. is not at all what Chef Etchebest told me on the spot. ” His broadcast was not broadcast. The channel did not give any explanation.

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Romuald Graveleau is program director at Studio 89, producing Nightmare in the kitchen.

Pierre Olivier / M6

“It’s all true, people are not actors,” says Romuald Graveleau, questioned about scriptwriting, “the goal is for the restaurants to be fine, and once the television is gone, life is back on track, all the problems are not solved in one. snap their fingers, but we give them a maximum of tools, they are masters of their destiny, sometimes it works, sometimes not. “

The life of a restaurant “is less than two years”

The French version, presented by the chef Philippe Etchebest, displays much better results than the original, British, with Gordon Ramsay : 76% success since 2014, according to Rivalis. When calculated, there are six closed establishments out of 34.

In addition to the “show” dimension required for a television show, ” Cauchemar en cuisine” has the merit of showing the general public a sector that is sometimes in great pain. At the end of 2017, Sud Ouest revealed that a former candidate had become homeless. Vincent Larvol held The Green Cedar in Gardonne. Quickly after the shoot, he separated from his girlfriend. They resold the establishment – which is still active – which made it possible to pay off the debts, but he had only the RSA to live on. Jean-Michel Rétif, in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, committed suicide in his restaurant Au coin du feu in January 2017. In an interview with L’Est Républicain , his widow explained that despite a 30% increase after the broadcast of the broadcast, “the charges that were there before had to be settled”.