Renew your kitchen with this selection of ovens, cooking plates and bells – Technology from you to you

If you are one of those who are waiting for Black Friday to start with Christmas gifts, now you can also advance to the party of discounts with the juicy selection of offers that El Corte Inglés brings you . Why not take advantage of the Super Techno prizes to renovate your kitchen? Get the oven of your dreams, retire your kitchen plate or change that old bell once and get the best technology at an unbeatable price.

Investing in quality appliances is always a safe bet, even more when we talk about the kitchen. A good equipment of advanced design and with the best features can radically change your day to day, elevating your skills as a chef to another level. Do not think twice and discover all the offers that the new catalog brings you until next November 14th.



Nowadays there is no kitchen enthusiast who can pass without a good oven at home. Even if you are a newbie in the kitchen, a good oven will solve many headaches, making delicious dishes, more healthy and suitable for all occasions. You only need a multifunction model that allows you to prepare all kinds of recipes easily, salty or sweet.

The new ovens have become a chef’s assistant , they control the temperature with great precision and allow to obtain professional results. Roasts of meat, steamed vegetables, grilled fish, breads and pizzas, biscuits and cookies, potatoes, empanadas … you will dare with everything! Bet also for the pyrolytic technology to always have the oven perfectly clean without effort.

Multifunction oven Bosch HBG673BS1F

Multifunction oven Bosch HBG673BS1F

This advanced Bosch oven has 10 different cooking functions that can be adapted to any dish with precision, including special pizza, defrosting, grill in different positions and an eco mode to save heat and energy.

In addition, it includes an automatic program of 10 pre-programmed gourmet recipes so you do not have to worry about anything when you have less time to cook. Includes self-cleaning pyrolytic and the heating system 4D Professional guarantees you always perfect results.









Multifunctional furnace AEG BPS331120M pyrolytic

AEG BPS331120M pyrolytic oven

With this oven you will have no doubt at the time of cooking, since the appliance itself includes a temperature suggestion mode and guarantees absolute control by automatically regulating the degrees with precision. The 10 cooking modes are adapted to any dish, and with the advanced technology of the fan the heat reaches all parts equally, offering a uniform baking always.

You can cook several dishes at the same time at different levels with the guarantee that the heat is distributed evenly , saving time and energy. This model includes pyrolytic cleaning in two cycles and a reminder so that you always have it at maximum performance.







Multifunction oven Teka HSB 635 P

Multifunction oven Teka HSB 635 P

If you are really meticulous in cleaning, you will love the DualClean System of this Teka oven, which in addition to pyrolysis includes a washing mode with the force of steam . The new ovens of the brand are much more efficient, they heat faster and faster in less time and with less expense, with the consequent savings and respite for the environment.

This model of 70 liters capacity allows you to prepare large roasts or several dishes at once, with eight operating modes and comfortable telescopic guides so that it is very easy to handle. If you take advantage of the special discount you can get it for only 399.50 euros , 22% less than its original price.








Cooking plates

When it comes to renewing the kitchen plate, the same question always arises: gas, glass-ceramic or induction ? All have their advantages and disadvantages, although induction technology is becoming more and more prevalent in every home.

Its price is higher than the glass ceramic but has many more advantages. In addition to being very comfortable to clean, the induction heats directly the kitchen utensils through an electromagnetic field, so it is much faster, powerful and safe . You will save time and energy, without burns or risk of dirt burning.

The most leading brands offer models that adapt to all occasions, with cooking zones of different sizes , a great set of temperatures and special powers and functions, such as programming or safety locking.

Induction hob Bosch PXJ651FC1E

The DirectSelect control system makes it very easy to handle this plate to your liking: with just a touch you can control the power, time or cooking zones, which also have great flexibility. You have the giant area of ​​28 cm and a Flex zone where you can place any container, of any shape and size. Program the times or take advantage of the Sprint function to cook much faster.

Induction plate AEG IKB63301FB

The German house AEG presents with this plate a classic design of three cooking zones, but also includes a double diameter in the larger area to offer greater versatility. With the Booster function the maximum temperature is reached in the minimum time and with the digital timer and the minute timer you will always have the food ready in the exact time.

With a juicy cumulative discount of 35%, you can release this advanced induction plate in your kitchen now for only 398.65 euros .


Teka IZ 6315 induction plate

This Teka induction hob also has three individual cooking zones, with a double diameter to make the most of the space. It has practical features such as the Power mode of rapid heating , the detection of containers or the Stop & Go, to keep the power of the cooking to the minimum conserving the heat if you have to be absent from the kitchen.

It is very easy to operate with the Touch Control Multislider design of the touch control panel, and allows you to program the cooking with up to 99 minutes of time.


Extractor hoods

The extractor hood is often forgotten when we reform the kitchen, but its function is essential. It is responsible for extracting and filtering fumes, fats and oils in suspension, odors and other emissions derived from the kitchen, such as carbon monoxide.

Sometimes it costs to use it for the noise nuisance, but the new models offer much quieter and more efficient technologies that will also extend the good condition of the other appliances when filtering the steam and humidity. You can take this opportunity to give another look to the kitchen by changing your old model for a much more modern and decorative design.

Decorative hood Bosch DWB097A50

Decorative hood Bosch DWB097A50

With three LED lamps and a special soundproofing system , this Bosch hood offers four speeds and an EcoSilence engine to reduce annoying noises to the maximum. The aluminum filters are multi-layered and washable in the dishwasher, and have an intensive speed with automatic retraction.









Decorative bell AEG DBB5660HM


The bet of AEG in decorative bells has a system of connection Hob2Hood that allows to connect with the compatible plates, to activate and regulate of form automatically according to the concrete needs of cooking. It also offers SilentTech mode, reducing noise, and a breeze mode to cool the kitchen and leave the air free of vapors and odors.


Decorative hood Teka DSH 685

Decorative hood Teka DSH 685

The motor of this plate is of double turbine and has an EcoPower mode to offer a greater capacity of extraction with less emissions and reducing the level of noise . It has four speeds, including the option intensitva, and a programmer with backlit control controls.

 If you were thinking of renewing one of the main appliances of your kitchen, take advantage of the moment ahead of Black Friday with these appetizing offers. Remember that you can enjoy these special discounts from El Corte Inglés only until next November 14th.