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The Food Market Christmas Edition at Kotzia Square on December 21st

The city is celebrating its festivities and the Food Market Christmas Edition at Kotzia Square will be one of the most festive corners of the weekend of December 21-31. Flavors, perfumes and music will flood Kotzia Square, which invites the lovers of the exclusive street food to taste special recipes.

Athens Food Market

The Athens Food Market, for most people, may already be known. Based on the beautiful Kotzia Square in the center of Athens, they promote high gastronomy in a different way. They leave behind the luxurious restaurants and create alternative and funky canteens. The market complements pop-up favorite products, music and many happenings.

Food_market_old Snapshot from the 1st Athens Food Market. Food Market Christmas Edition

This festive event is the third Athens Food Market, co-organized with the Municipality of Athens. Food Market Christmas Edition, brings to Athens a scent of European Christmas markets. The “Mama Roux” of Aeolos, brings a Belgian friterie and prepares perfect fried potatoes with different sauces. “Che cocina y barra latinoamericana” travels to the other hemisphere with Latin American recipes. Some other alternative restaurants in Athens, as well as the other participants, will offer the visitor a gastronomic experience. Traditional Greek flavors, burger, ethnic recipes, and Christmas flavors each have their own distinct place in the Food Market Christmas Edition.

However, because alcohol is difficult to miss from the festive atmosphere, the “Holy Garden” team will be there and offer a unique cocktail. For those who prefer the more traditional flavors, the Warehouse will offer fine wine labels from its wine cellar and specialty coffee.

In the same place will be the outdoor and covered kitchen of the Food Market. That’s where the event’s chef and special guests will offer cooking seminars full of fresh ideas.

As for music, radio producers from Red, Hit and En Lefko fm will give the rhythm. For a few hours every day, the Food Market Christmas Edition will turn into a big outdoor party.

Food_Market_previous Snapshot of previous Athens Food Market Christmas Edition.

The Food Market Christmas Edition, therefore, promises hot flavors, Christmas smells, revival music. A good introduction and escort of the festive days that come.