Flan de foie, raspberry macaroon and other chef dishes that you can make with your kitchen robot without messing up – Technology from you to you


Home cooking has become a trend curiously when it seems that we have less time to cook. Of course, today we do not cook as it used to be, we now have technological innovations in our kitchen utensils and appliances that make our life a lot easier, like kitchen robots.

But there is something that we do have in common with our grandparents, we are reluctant to innovations and that is why there are still many myths about these devices. If you also thought that a kitchen robot is like a big blender that only serves for spoon recipes, you will be surprised to know all the techniques and chef dishes that you can easily do , without losing your creativity. After trying Kenwood Cooking Chef at home, he has convinced me.


A robot to conquer them all: you will use it every day

The first steps that the technology of the home in the kitchen gave were through the primitive blenders, whose objective was already clear: that the consumer could replicate the skills of a professional chef at home . And it’s the same philosophy that robots maintain today, bringing innovation and design to a much more advanced level.


One of the great achievements of these devices is that now the technology allows to incorporate an induction system, that is, they also heat to cook in the own bowl of the machine . Some models can also be programmed, that is why they are the great claim for families with little time who want to recover homemade cooking, especially for spoon dishes, creams and purees for children.

But Kenwood’s new Cooking Chef is that and much more; It is a real expert kitchen assistant that you will always use in all your dishes. It is designed to make life easier by cooking any recipe, applying all kinds of techniques to obtain professional chef results. Versatile, intuitive and very simple to use , it is the robot for everything that quickly adapts to your cooking style.


For such a robot to be really practical on a day-to-day basis it has to offer a great usability, that does not make it lazy to start it or how to apply it to our dishes. Unlike; It does not matter if you are a novice or you already presume cooking skills at home, Cooking Chef is the perfect punch.

At home we checked it almost instantly as soon as we put it into operation, and we lacked time to try different recipes, both those that are part of our daily menus and more special dishes for special occasions.

Healthy and tasty cuisine

We all know how important it is to eat healthy to lead a healthy life, and that is achieved by recovering home cooking. One of the advantages of kitchen robots is that they allow us to save time and effort for this, but with Cooking Chef it is also very easy to cook healthily and, not least, with flavor.

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

Healthy is not equal to dull or boring, you just have to master the techniques well and use good ingredients. Thanks to the technology of induction and a great power of 1500W, this robot cooks efficiently in a very short time, controlling the temperature with precision from 20ºC to 180ºC. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the bowl, so there is no risk that some foods will cook more than others.

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

So we can prepare sautéed and cooked wok style with the minimum of fat, but getting tasty results because the food is really cooked, browned and not “recoil”. The heat and the temperature allow to create the Maillard reaction, a chemical process that occurs when cooking food, releasing all its flavor with the tastiest texture. The dishes are really rich, as if we cooked them in the frying pan of a lifetime.

In addition, this robot also includes a basket for cooking steam in the lightest and healthiest way, without fats and conserving all the nutrients. It is very easy to control the exact point to avoid overcooking , one of the great failures that are usually made with this technique when it is not well mastered.

Perfection is in the details: get professional finishes

Achieving truly delicious dishes is easier if we have prepared the ingredients well before, another step that is child’s play with this robot. Cooking Chef incorporates a food processor with a perfect knife to chop, shred or crumble, and has six discs to grate, cut and laminate with professional precision, in just seconds. No more chopping by hand!

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

So it is very easy to mount a carpaccio of vegetables or sauté zucchini without fear of irregular pieces, and our plating will look like never before. Not to mention how comfortable it is to not have to walk by shredding a pound of carrots by hand or staining several tables and knives.

If you have never had a food processor you will discover a whole new world with this accessory; you can chop fresh herbs, prepare your own sauces in seconds , achieve a homemade hummus category, make hamburgers or your vegetable version with any vegetable, crush nuts, prepare marinades and marinated …

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

Together with the other accessories of the robot, such as the K mixer, the flexible blender, the hook to stir or the blender, opens an infinite universe of culinary elaboration , even those that require combining more complex techniques, such as a flan of foie gras , a souffle omelet or an aubergine caviar with which to surprise your friends at the time of the aperitif.

The most precise control of temperature

Do you know why thermometers are never missing in a professional kitchen? In the kitchen, temperature is everything . The difference of a few degrees can mark the success or failure of a recipe, so a good chef always controls in detail the degrees of cooking of a background, or the point of the syrup, or the inside of the meat.


Cooking Chef makes it easy to master the temperature to forget about worries. With the predefined programs it is the robot itself that knows which temperature is the best for each step, and we can also regulate the time and grades by hand , simply turning the wheel and marking the exact figures we want to use for cooking.

Thus we have the certainty that the exact, exact temperature is always maintained and that it is distributed evenly throughout the cooking bowl. We can leave the sauce cooking slowly for hours or reducing a broth of meat without fear of heating or cooling too much.

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

And you do not have to be stirring either; For example, making a mellow risotto, at its exact point, was never so easy . With the automatic program you can introduce the variations you want to the basic recipe, as we did at home preparing a saffron cabbage risotto. The cooking point of the rice is fundamental, and it is Cooking Chef who cooks and removes at the optimum temperature to obtain that creamy texture so irresistible.

Flan de foie con jam

An example of how to combine all the possibilities and accessories of a kitchen robot such as Cooking Chef is a sophisticated recipe like the flan of foie with mango and pineapple marmalade . It sounds like complex elaboration worthy of a luxury restaurant , but with the right tools we can all prepare at home.



Flan de foie con jam in kitchen robot Cooking Chef

A dish like this consists of several different elaborations , and all require their special technique. With the kitchen robot you can prepare them all: from the caramel that covers the flaneras to the exotic jam that will cover the creamy custard. The important thing here is to obtain a smooth and smooth foie cream, without lumps, to achieve that fine texture on the palate.

Cooking Chef allows you to heat the milk to the right temperature first and then beat it with the foie in the same bowl. And with the included blender we obtain in seconds the perfect texture , an essential step before cooking the custards with the eggs in the oven. The jam, which we can customize to our liking with the fruit that we like the most, adds that sweet counterpoint that creates a delicious contrast in the tasting.

Spoon dishes like before, but renewed

During the week we usually get tired at home and there is not much desire to start cooking. In the day to day they are the homemade plates of all the life those that more desire, although neither likes to eat the same thing every time.

In this sense, another of the great points in favor we have found at home cooking with Cooking Chef is the ease of preparing spoon dishes and other traditional recipes. Dedicating for example on Sunday, we can have the menus of the week ready, letting the robot steer , while we dedicate ourselves to other tasks or just to rest.


The bowl of large capacity allows large quantities, something great to distribute in tuppers or to freeze and store. The predefined recipe programs make it easy to cook this type of homemade recipes, but nothing prevents us from giving our personal touch or renewing a dish with a more creative point . For example, we like the stew with carrots and well filled with spices, and pumpkin cream with a spicy curry point.

Bakery and craft bakery

For someone who is passionate about baking and putting their hands in the masses, it was important to put Cooking Chef to the test when making sweets and breads. A great advantage of this Kenwood robot is that it has different accessories that adapt to each preparation , imitating the techniques of professionals.


The rods, for example, together with the power of the engine manage to beat all types of masses and mixtures with surprising precision and in a very short time. The cream and the egg whites are assembled at the speed of light, the creams are homogeneous and without lumps, the chocolate melts smoothly and the sponges are spongy without having to stain thousands of bowls and accessories.

And no matter how much you enjoy taming by hand, there is not always time for it and it is a difficult task to do at home for the most novice. The kneading hook of Cooking Chef is able to knead even the most humid and sticky masses , to obtain for example a delicious focaccia as light and fluffy as those of Tuscany itself.

The large size of the bowl is perfect for kneading also much larger and denser breads that need strength to achieve that crunchy crust so appetizing, a task that the robot does without effort due to its power. We can even use the bowl applying temperature to create a homemade fermentation chamber, as in artisanal bakeries.

Desserts worthy of a masterchef

Dessert is always the great challenge of many homemade cookers, and also those who boast of chef skills. The sweet world requires precision and mastery of very specific techniques, which luckily with a food processor are more accessible to everyone.

Chocolate mousse with Cooking Chef

Now you can encourage yourself to prepare from crispy cookies to a fluffy black chocolate mousse, or just the custard of a lifetime. Merengue, soufflé, coulis, English cream, sabayon, coulant … desserts always require a perfect shake to obtain aerated and fluffy masses, and also dominate the temperature . Melting chocolate or preparing a meringue can end in failure if we get too hot or the mix is ​​too cold.

Macaroon and raspberry cream

With a good kitchen robot you can go beyond the typical yogurt cake adventuring with elaborations of high pastry , like the famous macaron or French macaroon . To prepare them, very few ingredients are needed: the secret lies in technical perfection.


Its delicate dough is formed by almond paste and meringue, and both have to be perfect. With the Cooking Chef food processor we can pulverize the almond with icing sugar to quickly achieve a fine texture without lumps, which is essential. And thanks to the fact that the robot includes induction cooking , it is very easy to prepare the Italian merengue directly in the bowl, controlling the exact temperature to cook the syrup with which to mount the egg whites.

Kitchen Robot Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S induction heating


In short, with the technical precision and versatility of Kenwood Cooking Chef food processor there will be no recipe that can resist you. And to start off with your most creative side, in Kenwood’s Cooking Academy space , a wide variety of recipes signed by professional chefs and online videos awaits you to make the most of your Cooking Chef. You can also participate in the free classroom courses offered by Cooking Academy throughout Spain, with different themes to venture into discovering new dishes and techniques.