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Although the Netherlands is not famous for mighty castles and palatial castles, there are a large number of magnificent country estates. Of course, there are castles, but typically are mainly estates with landscaped parks and landscaped gardens. In Dutch, such country estates are referred to as buitenplaats . They were used as summer seats outside the cities. Rich citizens and the nobility moved with a large part of the household from the stuffy cities in the country in their buitenplaats. There they spent the warm season.

Frequently, the park was first created and a few years later, only a residence built. So the park could be used from the beginning. Many buitenplaatsen are now used as a museum or hotel, some of them are still inhabited.

Some of these estates were the target of a two-day press trip with the NBTC , the tourism marketing office for the Netherlands. On the tour we could see some impressive examples of today’s use of the estates.

The journey to Enschede with the regional train was already an adventure of its own for this article. From there, the ride went quite comfortably with a minibus to the other stations.

Twente Region – Estate Twickel, Museum No Hero

 Museum No Hero – founder Geert Steinmeijer explains a painting by AR Penck

Museum No Hero

In Delden, which lies in the Twente region, about 10 kilometers west of Enschede, opened on April 15, 2018 a remarkable museum: ‘ No Hero’ . Private collector Geert Steinmeijer has collected more than 700 works of art with changing emphases in more than 20 years. Paintings, sculptures, furniture and vases from Europe, America and Asia. From the collection, from which he repeatedly exhibited pieces in museums, was born in his hometown Delden, the Museum No Hero. The name was taken from the foundation that Steinmeijer founded for his collection and alludes to the role of the art collector: the focus should be on art, not the collector. With a former administrative building of the manor Twickel a suitable place for the museum was found.

The exhibition is designed dynamically, currently around 170 works can be seen. The first focus is under the title “I am a Berliner”. Paintings by the “Junge Wilden” of the West Berlin art scene find their place alongside works by well-known GDR artists. Accompanied by Italian and Dutch classics as well as a socio-critical view of contemporary China.

The sculpture garden shows a chronological walk through the collection focus of the donor.

The No Hero Museum in Delden is a lofty project, one of the most noteworthy start-ups of contemporary art museums in the Netherlands. And that is about 20 kilometers from the German border.

Image result for catering\ Sculpture Park in the Museum No Hero

Museum No Hero
Hengelosestraat 2/4, 7491 BR Delden
Open: Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am – 5pm

Estate Twickel

The art experience in Delden can be perfectly combined with a visit to the estate Twickel, with its spacious landscaped park and the picturesque garden.

 Estate in the landscape park: Twickel

In the garden of the estate there is also an orangery used as an orangery, which serves the orange trees as quarters in the cold season. In summer, it serves the coffee enjoyment. The sculpture garden of the estate takes the word garden very literally: figurines carved from hedges line the paths.

 Sculpture garden, the second: hedge art in Twickel

The estate Twickel, now in the administration of the Stichting Twickel, includes several properties and with 4000 hectares the once largest private property of the Netherlands. The country house in Delden is privately inhabited and can be visited only a few days a year.

Estate Twickel
Twickelerlaan 1A, 7495 VG Ambt Delden
Garden and visitor center open for visitors: April to October, Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am to 5pm
Café in the Orangerie: May 21st to September, Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am – 5pm
Visits of the Kasteel Twickel with guidance on special days .

Region Arnhem – Landhotel Groot Warnsborn

We stayed in the Groot Warnsborn estate , since 1996 a luxury hotel. Groot Warnsborn is located on the outskirts of Arnhem / Arnhem, yet in the middle of the forest. The access road leads us through a part of the nature reserve Veluwe.

 Landhotel Groot Warnsborn on the edge of the Hoge Veluwe

The design of the rooms is particularly individual: a free-standing bathtub next to the shower cubicle is integrated into the room. In a separate niche, closed by two wooden gull-winged doors, the bed. Door closed, Waldhüttenromatik pure.

Not least was the kitchen, which we were allowed to enjoy in several courses at dinner. Unfortunately the stay was too short. Walks through the Veluwe lured directly at the hotel. Those who came from the morning jogging round shone happily. But a minibus already expected the travel company for the way to other, worth seeing country houses.

Hotel Groot Warnsboorn
Bakenbergseweg 277, 6816 VP Arnhem

Region Utrecht – Oud Amelisweerd, Parc Broekhuizen, House Doorn

Flower Power: Museum Oud Amelisweerd

 Anatomy of the flower – once science today Art: Flower Power in the Museum Oud Amelisweerd

On an old Rhine arm, the Kromme Rijn , lies the old manor Amelisweerd in Bunnik in the province of Utrecht. Given the approximately two-meter wide river, the name Rhine seems a bit exaggerated, but actually flowed here once a large stream. Dyke buildings in the 12th century led the river into another bed and gave it its present form. That seems to me a suitable topic for a deepening blog article.

The main building of the manor houses the Museum Oud Amelisweerd . It shows changing exhibitions, currently until 16 September 2018 with “Flower Power” art around the flower. The exhibits on display are loans from the museums of the province of Utrecht. Classic paintings, highly aesthetic, scientific exhibits, contemporary art, expressionism and contemporary criticism, as well as the flower as an erotic symbol, span a broad spectrum of the exhibition.

Art and a worth seeing museum building: Museum Oud Amelisweerd

Seductive: the scent of the former coach house. Here fresh bread was baked and offered for sale and consumption in the local organic café.

Museum Oud Amelisweerd
Koningslaan 9, 3981 HD Bunnik
Open: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am to 5pm

Kasteel Broekhuizen: dine and dine in style

Only since 2017 does the Kasteel Broekhuizen host a hotel, our stop for lunch. In a spacious park is the main building, a magnificent little castle. With several outbuildings ready for ceremonies, the hotel is especially popular for weddings.

Image result for catering\ Only a few meters away: Hotel Parc Broekhuizen

The restaurant also relies on the haute cuisine : in the open-plan kitchen portioles were lovingly served, vegetable slices decorated, garnished with saucenkringeln and dots and here and there, the gas flame is flambé used. Innovative and creative is the motto. The kitchen has already been awarded and a star at the Michelin Guide is not excluded.

I enjoyed the vegetarian menu and was passionate about beetroot foam with salty marshmallow and smoky grilled spicy cabbage quarters . With a view of the park we had the sommelier explain the wines and we are fine. The bottle prices in the wine rack next to us, we ignored it: four-digit.

Cleverly draped: small pieces of leaflets

The Hotel Parc Broekhuizen is located about 2o kilometers east of Utrecht, in the village of Leersum in the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Hotel Parc Broekhuizen
Broekhuizerlaan 2, 3956 NS Leersum

The Emperor in exile: House Doorn

About four kilometers away was our last stop of the tour, there it was imperial: Huis Doorn, exile of Emperor Wilhelm II. The last German Emperor lived here from 1919 until his death in 1941. In a mausoleum in the park of the estate is the tomb of the emperor.

 The bust of the emperor in exile

Worth seeing is the Museum Huis Doorn with the exhibition of works of art, utensils and furnishings of the imperial family. Many rooms are still preserved as they were last used.

Impressive: the covered table in the large dining room combined with a special cutter, knife and fork in a piece of cutlery, because the Emperor could hardly use his left arm due to a birth injury.

 With pomp and Tschingderassabum – the emperor saber

Amusing: an early example of ergonomic sitting is in the Emperor’s study. At his desk, Wilhelm always sat in the saddle, even if it was jacked up as a chair. Probably because of his bad back.

Sublime: in the sitting area in the living room there was an additional seat cushion in the Emperor’s armchair. He always wanted to tower above his neighbor.

Place of remembrance and information: The Netherlands during the First World War

 Information and commemoration: the role of the Netherlands during the First World War

But the touch of history not only blows in the former residential building on House Doorn. An information center for the First World War was opened in an outbuilding in the park this year. One hundred years after the end of the war, the focus of the exhibition is the role of the neutral Netherlands.

Thank you!

The journey to Dutch castles and country estates showed impressive examples of today’s use of the former noble and citizen seats. And that’s just a small part, there are many more! For example, in the links above …

Thanks to the NBTC, there especially Alexandra Johnen, for the organization and the invitation to this tour. Many thanks for the first-class support on site, by the mentioned museums and the foundations or the operators of the estates. Thanks for all the information, the small and big stories about historical places.

And thank you for delicious food at our gastronomic stations, as well as the accommodation in a special place.


Food Market Christmas Edition – at Kotzia Square – – information about arts

The Food Market Christmas Edition at Kotzia Square on December 21st

The city is celebrating its festivities and the Food Market Christmas Edition at Kotzia Square will be one of the most festive corners of the weekend of December 21-31. Flavors, perfumes and music will flood Kotzia Square, which invites the lovers of the exclusive street food to taste special recipes.

Athens Food Market

The Athens Food Market, for most people, may already be known. Based on the beautiful Kotzia Square in the center of Athens, they promote high gastronomy in a different way. They leave behind the luxurious restaurants and create alternative and funky canteens. The market complements pop-up favorite products, music and many happenings.

Food_market_old Snapshot from the 1st Athens Food Market. Food Market Christmas Edition

This festive event is the third Athens Food Market, co-organized with the Municipality of Athens. Food Market Christmas Edition, brings to Athens a scent of European Christmas markets. The “Mama Roux” of Aeolos, brings a Belgian friterie and prepares perfect fried potatoes with different sauces. “Che cocina y barra latinoamericana” travels to the other hemisphere with Latin American recipes. Some other alternative restaurants in Athens, as well as the other participants, will offer the visitor a gastronomic experience. Traditional Greek flavors, burger, ethnic recipes, and Christmas flavors each have their own distinct place in the Food Market Christmas Edition.

However, because alcohol is difficult to miss from the festive atmosphere, the “Holy Garden” team will be there and offer a unique cocktail. For those who prefer the more traditional flavors, the Warehouse will offer fine wine labels from its wine cellar and specialty coffee.

In the same place will be the outdoor and covered kitchen of the Food Market. That’s where the event’s chef and special guests will offer cooking seminars full of fresh ideas.

As for music, radio producers from Red, Hit and En Lefko fm will give the rhythm. For a few hours every day, the Food Market Christmas Edition will turn into a big outdoor party.

Food_Market_previous Snapshot of previous Athens Food Market Christmas Edition.

The Food Market Christmas Edition, therefore, promises hot flavors, Christmas smells, revival music. A good introduction and escort of the festive days that come.


The experts behind "Nightmare in the kitchen" – L'Express Styles

While M6 broadcasts the 50th show led by Philippe Etchebest, meeting with those who act with restaurants.

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If Philippe Etchebest is the figurehead of the ship Nightmare in the kitchen , several entities are needed to support the bankrupt institutions. For each program, a team from the Studio 89 production company starts by selecting files from the proposed institutions. “After reviewing the applications, we investigate and then deliver our selection to Rivalis,” says Romuald Graveleau, program director at Studio 89.

“Like a cure of psychoanalysis”

Rivalis then performs a management audit. “It’s about estimating the profitability of the company, decrypts Nicolas Jordan, expert in corporate management at Rivalis.We look at the behavior of ratios, purchases, expenses, competition, positioning … also wonders if we do not arrive too late: when someone has not paid rent for months and the ushers at his door, it is not the chef Etchebest who will be able to do anything On the human aspect, we also evaluate the ability to question ourselves, they are often in a kind of fog and they do not realize that the situation is serious, they work like crazy, take a step back is sometimes complicated. “

READ ALSO >> Michelin Guide: Veyrat, Bacquié, Etchebest … The new stars unveiled

Contacted candidates abound in this sense: the show brings them a second wind, even if the rebirth is painful. “It was loud and surprising, like a cure of psychoanalysis.” “We must admit that what we were doing was not good,” says Alex Savy, from Madrid (now Truc Much ) at Canet, at L’Independant . Nicolas Jordan adds: “The ego takes a hit, they often go for lock-ups.The shooting lasts five days, they take full face for two days.They are not masochists: if they agree, it’s they need it to get by, it’s their last chance. “

“They win Lotto by participating in the show”

When Philippe Etchebest plays an important role on the kitchen part, Rivalis develops the commercial strategy. “When a chef has 50 dishes à la carte, it’s already a repositioning to keep only nine, but they are not chosen at random.” Each plate is the subject of a study. “The creperie is one of the most profitable elements, decrypts Nicolas Jordan, because the raw materials are not expensive.It is minute and there are few losses.”

On the other hand, a seafood and fish establishment may have to throw away expensive products because they are quickly perishable. For its part, a card of “traditional” recipes implies a bigger work upstream – cooking, sauces – and thus personnel.

The prices are also scrutinized: how much does the restaurant have to earn per dish sold to pay employees and expenses?

Image result for restaurant kitchen

Nicolas Jordan works for Rivalis, a company specializing in supporting entrepreneurs who are involved in the show Cauchemar in the kitchen.

Courtesy of Rivalis

Not only is the repositioning brought to them on a silver platter, but the help is also material. “They win the Loto by participating in the show, because they are offered a new decoration, a new kitchen and six months of support.The establishment does not pay anything,” says Nicolas Jordan.

“They are masters of their destiny, sometimes it works, sometimes not”

The timing of the broadcast is double-edged: it can increase attendance, but also scratch the image. But at a time when social networks and scoring sites can create fashion effects or precipitate falls, this is not trivial. Some feel lonely, even depreciated from the press kit.

Raphael Dessoly, in Paray-le-Monial, was enthusiastic about the press since the announcement of the program in which he participated – the “à la bouche” closed soon after the shooting. He estimated in the Journal de Saone-et-Loire , the release “lie”: “They use misplaced expressions such as ‘decoration out of age’, ‘lamentable state’ or ‘general letting go’. is not at all what Chef Etchebest told me on the spot. ” His broadcast was not broadcast. The channel did not give any explanation.

Image result for restaurant kitchen

Romuald Graveleau is program director at Studio 89, producing Nightmare in the kitchen.

Pierre Olivier / M6

“It’s all true, people are not actors,” says Romuald Graveleau, questioned about scriptwriting, “the goal is for the restaurants to be fine, and once the television is gone, life is back on track, all the problems are not solved in one. snap their fingers, but we give them a maximum of tools, they are masters of their destiny, sometimes it works, sometimes not. “

The life of a restaurant “is less than two years”

The French version, presented by the chef Philippe Etchebest, displays much better results than the original, British, with Gordon Ramsay : 76% success since 2014, according to Rivalis. When calculated, there are six closed establishments out of 34.

In addition to the “show” dimension required for a television show, ” Cauchemar en cuisine” has the merit of showing the general public a sector that is sometimes in great pain. At the end of 2017, Sud Ouest revealed that a former candidate had become homeless. Vincent Larvol held The Green Cedar in Gardonne. Quickly after the shoot, he separated from his girlfriend. They resold the establishment – which is still active – which made it possible to pay off the debts, but he had only the RSA to live on. Jean-Michel Rétif, in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, committed suicide in his restaurant Au coin du feu in January 2017. In an interview with L’Est Républicain , his widow explained that despite a 30% increase after the broadcast of the broadcast, “the charges that were there before had to be settled”.

Cookbooks Verlag | AISTHESIS


Image result for kookbooksIt is certainly not my favorite publisher, as far as the political is concerned – presumably the publisher and me separate worlds. But that does not matter in this case. I still remember the ever-friendly Daniela Seel when she was sitting at the book fairs there at her wonderful booth, all aesthetically pleasing. Above all, the books were beautifully designed. They were so beautifully arranged on the shelves that only watching without leaves was enjoyable. Colourfulness in barren halls. A fine atmosphere, which I gladly took along when passing by.

Now it seems that the Kookbooks Verlag seems to be struck, yes you can even say, close to the abyss and that means then, before the bankruptcy. For the publishing industry and thus also for us readers, this would be a great and bitter loss: not only because of the contents of the books, which were created and worked by many talented, gifted authors, but also because of the look and feel of these books: The foldable Dustcovers for example. Beautifully made books, made with love and passion, are not often found. Such volumes prepare work that no publisher, no manufacturer, does in passing.

In order to get such a wonderful company, profits are now absolutely necessary. Because if the tax office comes to the review and (to my knowledge) for the second or third year in a row, nothing was retracted by a company, then the publisher loses the status of a company, which in the end would entail even higher taxation.

Mainly Kookbooks is a publisher of poetry, but also such a great, playful and associative essay volume on the theory and practice of literature, namely Monika Rinck’s “Risk and Idiocy” can be bought there. (A review of the book follows the days here, so that the gentle reader, the gentle reader may consider buying this book.)

I do not want to go into great detail here, what Daniela Seel does and does everything: She founded the publishing house in 2003 together with the illustrator Andreas Töpfer. This is a long time. In 2006 she and her publisher received the Kurt Wolff Prize. Such prizes are important to keep small publishers who are not part of corporations alive. Losses can rarely be cushioned well in such small businesses.

One can say now: bad luck, personal risk, there is no right for survival for companies: If the balance sheets are not correct and is spent more than was taken, the publisher operated poorly. May be everything. But still, it is more than sad when such an ambitious company disappears. For poetry, that is a loss, but also for the atmosphere within an industry that lives from such diversity.

One can now debate at all about the book industry. If so much is said to be read and all in literature, why the sale stagnated in almost all publishers. Well, if everyone depends only on the social networks, there may be less time to read. What once proved to be a blessing and broadening of communication may now prove fatal. Poetry and prose want to be enjoyed quietly, and perhaps in the end the good, old, analogue reading circle is best, where in a small group everyone holds a poetry book by Steffen Popp or Monika Rinck in his hand to read from and afterwards to talk about it, to debate wildly, to argue, to raise one another’s ideas – a symposium, as it were. Red or Weißweinselig understood.

No matter how: Go buy at Kookbooks! I recommend a few books for sale and advise everyone to browse the homepage with the books and authors. And then just directly from the publisher, if that works, or order through the bookseller. My personal recommendations:


Street Food with "perfume" of Italy – THE NEWS

Image result for street food italy

The pedestrian walkway of Aghia Sophia in Thessaloniki on Friday 23 November from 16.00 to 21.00 and on Saturday 24 November from 11.00 to 22.00 will “smell” Italy.

In the context of the Thessaloniki Food Festival, co-organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Greek-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki, Italian entrepreneurs operating in the city cook for this year’s STREET FOOD ITALIA. In fact, the event will take place on the dates of the “3rd World Week of Italian Cuisine” (19-25 / 11) and is under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Greece.

According to an announcement by the municipality of Thessaloniki, a street food party with tasty suggestions, plenty of wine, beer and aperol-spritz, genuine Italian pizzas with tomatoes and mozzarella, fresh pasta, risotto, crunchy arancini, stuffed panzerotti, delicious pie piadina with sausages, Italian burger, traditional Italian sausages – porchetta and mortadella, traditional Italian ice cream and espresso coffee. On Saturday night, a concert with a Greek-Italian musical group of traditional Italian songs from Southern Greece’s Great Greece will be held at the event venue and in a mural.


When can your baby consume solid food – THE NEWS

According to the circular it is recommended that it be done in the second half of the infant’s life while it is forbidden before four months

Image result for infant food

Circular to Ensure Healthy Nutrition, especially in the first months of children’s lives in our country, was issued by the General Secretariat for Public Health.

Taking into account scientific studies and with respect to the guidelines and recommendations of the National Commission for Nutrition Policy and the Breastfeeding Committee, as stated in a Communication from the Public Health Adviser, this Circular recommends that all health professionals advise parents and carers about importing solid foods to infants (such as pediatricians, general practitioners, nutritionists, health visitors, etc.) using the “Recommendations for the introduction of solid foods at the first year of life” They are posted on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The main points of the recommendations state:

– Infants should only breastfeed for the first six months of their life to have optimal growth, growth and health.

– The introduction of solid foods is recommended to be carried out in the second half of life, ie by the completion of the six months of life, and must in no case be made before the four months of life.

– There is no need to delay the introduction of basic food groups as well as common allergenic foods.

– There is no specific order of introduction of the food.

– Food consumption with added sugar and salt is recommended to be avoided during the first year of life. Instead, repeated exposure to healthy food choices, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, should be encouraged.

– Fruits should be given in pieces or ground (depending on the age of the infant) and not as juices (fresh or standard), which should be avoided in the first year of life.

– Occasionally use baby food only after the sixth month (eg on trips) and if adequate and quality home-made food can not be safely prepared.

Breastfed infants are encouraged to continue to breastfeed as required in the second half of life at the same time as adequate intake of solid foods.

– Grounded foods are gradually replaced by finely chopped and then small pieces that the infant can catch with his hands and consume himself. Until the tenth month of life it is recommended that the pulping of the food is stopped.

-Parents-caregivers are encouraged to recognize and respond to the signs of hunger and saturation of the infant, to have permanent eye contact, and positive supportive verbal communication, offering food slowly, patiently and without exercise of verbal or physical pressure.

– Health professionals for the assessment of infant development are invited to use the World Health Organization Charts of Growth, which are included in the new Child Health Booklet.

The first two years of life, as highlighted by the Health Ministry’s Secretary General’s announcement, are a critical period, and through healthy and balanced nutrition, the health and optimal physical and mental development of children can be ensured. Inadequate nutrition in early life increases the risk of acute illness, while inappropriate eating habits from the first few months of life are likely to lead to childhood obesity, which is a major public health problem in the world and in our country.


The weird food and the sea – Deichman literature blog

Image result for icelandic food

“Hello dear writers! Have any of you read Icelandic literature? “

This question broke in early on a Friday morning. The response was not overwhelming to say it carefully.

What can we do because we in Norway are so bad at reading authors from Iceland?

What can we do because we in Norway are so bad at reading authors from Iceland? A little translated? Well, most major names are in Norwegian, so it seems like a little probable explanation. Does Iceland distant? Exotic? Linked to old sagas and something else? No matter where the explanation is, there is a golden opportunity to look at the literature from the saga island in the west.

Even I have read something, I found out when I thought about it and the question was asked. But, what have I really read? Yes, of course, literary literature.

Icelandic alibians

Arnaldur Indriðason and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir are my alibies for reading something from Iceland, along with the novel Salka Valka of Nobel Prize winner Halldór Kiljan Laxness ; the latter as part of the curriculum at the Library College in a distant past.

Both Arnaldur and Yrsa write well and have exciting chic stories to offer. The fact that the action is added to Iceland adds extra color to the narratives, and the term exotic is really quite adequate, although it is often associated with even distant countries and places.

When I think of Iceland, I often think of sea.


When I think of Iceland, I often think of sea, and imagine that it was central to the ocean in these stories, but when I start again with some of the books, I notice that this is only partly true. In the book Løgnen by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir , the sea is hardly present at times. The story starts out on a guy where more people are brought together and slowly but surely we realize that there is a connection between them. In other books, the ocean can be almost absent. The grip of pulling threads back to the past, on the other hand, is well-known and widely used in criminal literature and the author uses it with great success in the story Løgnen .

When I talk to others who have also read Icelandic literature, things like “the weird food” and “the American navy base” are things that are drawn and unfolding in these stories. Even I have had a naive (assuming) idea that in Iceland everyone knows. This I intend to convey the narratives from there, making crimes and secrets almost impossible to keep hidden. It’s probably not the reality, either in Iceland or elsewhere.

Image result for icelandic food

There is something about both the atmosphere and the Icelandic landscape.

Sympathetic anti-heroes

The books of Arnaldur Indriðason are the ones I have had the most knowledge of. They enter into the tradition of more or less sympathetic anti-heroes, with dysfunctional families and cohabitation. Nevertheless, there is something about both the atmosphere and the Icelandic landscape that creates a different framework around the stories and makes them different. The first book for the author I read was the Ant ; which was the first published in Norwegian (2004). Police investigator Erlendur Sveinsson is of the kind who does not care and continues where colleagues leave the case. Here he has a good spirit in Danish Carl Adler-Olsen’s “Carl Mørk” and the results do not obviously fail. The ant was a book that caught me in quickly and efficiently. In retrospect, I thought that it was both exotic to read something from Iceland, but also the ability to use themes such as genealogy and hereditary diseases as ingredients in a crime mystery, among other things.

Future Library

Unfortunately, by Halldór Kiljan Laxness , I do not remember much. From Salka Valka I am left with a picture of infinity with meals with cod, sea and hard work and a tough life. By the way, there are plenty of good Icelandic contemporary authors, such as the author Sjón ; which has been selected for this year’s author in the Future Library / Future Library project. It’s just a good reading position.

Interested in Icelandic literature? Take part in Nordmark on June 2 to attend the transfer of Sjón’s secret manuscript to the future library and then experience the Icelandic writer at Deichmanske main library in conversation with Rob Young. Also read our interview with Sjón .




Flan de foie, raspberry macaroon and other chef dishes that you can make with your kitchen robot without messing up – Technology from you to you


Home cooking has become a trend curiously when it seems that we have less time to cook. Of course, today we do not cook as it used to be, we now have technological innovations in our kitchen utensils and appliances that make our life a lot easier, like kitchen robots.

But there is something that we do have in common with our grandparents, we are reluctant to innovations and that is why there are still many myths about these devices. If you also thought that a kitchen robot is like a big blender that only serves for spoon recipes, you will be surprised to know all the techniques and chef dishes that you can easily do , without losing your creativity. After trying Kenwood Cooking Chef at home, he has convinced me.


A robot to conquer them all: you will use it every day

The first steps that the technology of the home in the kitchen gave were through the primitive blenders, whose objective was already clear: that the consumer could replicate the skills of a professional chef at home . And it’s the same philosophy that robots maintain today, bringing innovation and design to a much more advanced level.


One of the great achievements of these devices is that now the technology allows to incorporate an induction system, that is, they also heat to cook in the own bowl of the machine . Some models can also be programmed, that is why they are the great claim for families with little time who want to recover homemade cooking, especially for spoon dishes, creams and purees for children.

But Kenwood’s new Cooking Chef is that and much more; It is a real expert kitchen assistant that you will always use in all your dishes. It is designed to make life easier by cooking any recipe, applying all kinds of techniques to obtain professional chef results. Versatile, intuitive and very simple to use , it is the robot for everything that quickly adapts to your cooking style.


For such a robot to be really practical on a day-to-day basis it has to offer a great usability, that does not make it lazy to start it or how to apply it to our dishes. Unlike; It does not matter if you are a novice or you already presume cooking skills at home, Cooking Chef is the perfect punch.

At home we checked it almost instantly as soon as we put it into operation, and we lacked time to try different recipes, both those that are part of our daily menus and more special dishes for special occasions.

Healthy and tasty cuisine

We all know how important it is to eat healthy to lead a healthy life, and that is achieved by recovering home cooking. One of the advantages of kitchen robots is that they allow us to save time and effort for this, but with Cooking Chef it is also very easy to cook healthily and, not least, with flavor.

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

Healthy is not equal to dull or boring, you just have to master the techniques well and use good ingredients. Thanks to the technology of induction and a great power of 1500W, this robot cooks efficiently in a very short time, controlling the temperature with precision from 20ºC to 180ºC. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the bowl, so there is no risk that some foods will cook more than others.

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

So we can prepare sautéed and cooked wok style with the minimum of fat, but getting tasty results because the food is really cooked, browned and not “recoil”. The heat and the temperature allow to create the Maillard reaction, a chemical process that occurs when cooking food, releasing all its flavor with the tastiest texture. The dishes are really rich, as if we cooked them in the frying pan of a lifetime.

In addition, this robot also includes a basket for cooking steam in the lightest and healthiest way, without fats and conserving all the nutrients. It is very easy to control the exact point to avoid overcooking , one of the great failures that are usually made with this technique when it is not well mastered.

Perfection is in the details: get professional finishes

Achieving truly delicious dishes is easier if we have prepared the ingredients well before, another step that is child’s play with this robot. Cooking Chef incorporates a food processor with a perfect knife to chop, shred or crumble, and has six discs to grate, cut and laminate with professional precision, in just seconds. No more chopping by hand!

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

So it is very easy to mount a carpaccio of vegetables or sauté zucchini without fear of irregular pieces, and our plating will look like never before. Not to mention how comfortable it is to not have to walk by shredding a pound of carrots by hand or staining several tables and knives.

If you have never had a food processor you will discover a whole new world with this accessory; you can chop fresh herbs, prepare your own sauces in seconds , achieve a homemade hummus category, make hamburgers or your vegetable version with any vegetable, crush nuts, prepare marinades and marinated …

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

Together with the other accessories of the robot, such as the K mixer, the flexible blender, the hook to stir or the blender, opens an infinite universe of culinary elaboration , even those that require combining more complex techniques, such as a flan of foie gras , a souffle omelet or an aubergine caviar with which to surprise your friends at the time of the aperitif.

The most precise control of temperature

Do you know why thermometers are never missing in a professional kitchen? In the kitchen, temperature is everything . The difference of a few degrees can mark the success or failure of a recipe, so a good chef always controls in detail the degrees of cooking of a background, or the point of the syrup, or the inside of the meat.


Cooking Chef makes it easy to master the temperature to forget about worries. With the predefined programs it is the robot itself that knows which temperature is the best for each step, and we can also regulate the time and grades by hand , simply turning the wheel and marking the exact figures we want to use for cooking.

Thus we have the certainty that the exact, exact temperature is always maintained and that it is distributed evenly throughout the cooking bowl. We can leave the sauce cooking slowly for hours or reducing a broth of meat without fear of heating or cooling too much.

Kitchen Robot Cooking Chef

And you do not have to be stirring either; For example, making a mellow risotto, at its exact point, was never so easy . With the automatic program you can introduce the variations you want to the basic recipe, as we did at home preparing a saffron cabbage risotto. The cooking point of the rice is fundamental, and it is Cooking Chef who cooks and removes at the optimum temperature to obtain that creamy texture so irresistible.

Flan de foie con jam

An example of how to combine all the possibilities and accessories of a kitchen robot such as Cooking Chef is a sophisticated recipe like the flan of foie with mango and pineapple marmalade . It sounds like complex elaboration worthy of a luxury restaurant , but with the right tools we can all prepare at home.



Flan de foie con jam in kitchen robot Cooking Chef

A dish like this consists of several different elaborations , and all require their special technique. With the kitchen robot you can prepare them all: from the caramel that covers the flaneras to the exotic jam that will cover the creamy custard. The important thing here is to obtain a smooth and smooth foie cream, without lumps, to achieve that fine texture on the palate.

Cooking Chef allows you to heat the milk to the right temperature first and then beat it with the foie in the same bowl. And with the included blender we obtain in seconds the perfect texture , an essential step before cooking the custards with the eggs in the oven. The jam, which we can customize to our liking with the fruit that we like the most, adds that sweet counterpoint that creates a delicious contrast in the tasting.

Spoon dishes like before, but renewed

During the week we usually get tired at home and there is not much desire to start cooking. In the day to day they are the homemade plates of all the life those that more desire, although neither likes to eat the same thing every time.

In this sense, another of the great points in favor we have found at home cooking with Cooking Chef is the ease of preparing spoon dishes and other traditional recipes. Dedicating for example on Sunday, we can have the menus of the week ready, letting the robot steer , while we dedicate ourselves to other tasks or just to rest.


The bowl of large capacity allows large quantities, something great to distribute in tuppers or to freeze and store. The predefined recipe programs make it easy to cook this type of homemade recipes, but nothing prevents us from giving our personal touch or renewing a dish with a more creative point . For example, we like the stew with carrots and well filled with spices, and pumpkin cream with a spicy curry point.

Bakery and craft bakery

For someone who is passionate about baking and putting their hands in the masses, it was important to put Cooking Chef to the test when making sweets and breads. A great advantage of this Kenwood robot is that it has different accessories that adapt to each preparation , imitating the techniques of professionals.


The rods, for example, together with the power of the engine manage to beat all types of masses and mixtures with surprising precision and in a very short time. The cream and the egg whites are assembled at the speed of light, the creams are homogeneous and without lumps, the chocolate melts smoothly and the sponges are spongy without having to stain thousands of bowls and accessories.

And no matter how much you enjoy taming by hand, there is not always time for it and it is a difficult task to do at home for the most novice. The kneading hook of Cooking Chef is able to knead even the most humid and sticky masses , to obtain for example a delicious focaccia as light and fluffy as those of Tuscany itself.

The large size of the bowl is perfect for kneading also much larger and denser breads that need strength to achieve that crunchy crust so appetizing, a task that the robot does without effort due to its power. We can even use the bowl applying temperature to create a homemade fermentation chamber, as in artisanal bakeries.

Desserts worthy of a masterchef

Dessert is always the great challenge of many homemade cookers, and also those who boast of chef skills. The sweet world requires precision and mastery of very specific techniques, which luckily with a food processor are more accessible to everyone.

Chocolate mousse with Cooking Chef

Now you can encourage yourself to prepare from crispy cookies to a fluffy black chocolate mousse, or just the custard of a lifetime. Merengue, soufflé, coulis, English cream, sabayon, coulant … desserts always require a perfect shake to obtain aerated and fluffy masses, and also dominate the temperature . Melting chocolate or preparing a meringue can end in failure if we get too hot or the mix is ​​too cold.

Macaroon and raspberry cream

With a good kitchen robot you can go beyond the typical yogurt cake adventuring with elaborations of high pastry , like the famous macaron or French macaroon . To prepare them, very few ingredients are needed: the secret lies in technical perfection.


Its delicate dough is formed by almond paste and meringue, and both have to be perfect. With the Cooking Chef food processor we can pulverize the almond with icing sugar to quickly achieve a fine texture without lumps, which is essential. And thanks to the fact that the robot includes induction cooking , it is very easy to prepare the Italian merengue directly in the bowl, controlling the exact temperature to cook the syrup with which to mount the egg whites.

Kitchen Robot Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S induction heating


In short, with the technical precision and versatility of Kenwood Cooking Chef food processor there will be no recipe that can resist you. And to start off with your most creative side, in Kenwood’s Cooking Academy space , a wide variety of recipes signed by professional chefs and online videos awaits you to make the most of your Cooking Chef. You can also participate in the free classroom courses offered by Cooking Academy throughout Spain, with different themes to venture into discovering new dishes and techniques.


Central kitchen manager

No dishonor to work in the collective catering. The requirements of a central kitchen are the same as those of a restaurant: the quality of the meals served and the satisfaction of the guests. On the other hand, in terms of production and workforce, the differences are significant! From cooks to logistics managers to dieticians, Patrice Jenta, director of the Sodexo central kitchen in Marseille, manages a hundred people. “We prepare nearly 30,000 meals every day for elementary schools under a public service delegation contract with the City ,” he explains. A figure much higher than the average of the central kitchens which is rather from 4,000 to 6,000 meals a day. “


An outstanding manager

Management and team management are the leitmotifs of the director of a central kitchen. “You have to be able to take a step back from everyday life to anticipate activity,” says Patrice Jenta. I intervene, upstream, during the definition of the main strategic orientations, and downstream, during the final validation, although of course I can also accompany the teams in their work. ” Administrative and financial management, recruitment, involvement in the development of menus …” In the same day, I manage a lot of different tasks: I go from one folder to another, from my office to the kitchen, without count the trips outside. “

Important issues

The director of a central kitchen can work in the public service, serving local authorities, or in the private sector, with a provider (which provides schools or hospitals) or directly with a private operator (who cooks for several corporate restaurants, for example). The principle is the same everywhere: the production is cooled before being delivered to the different sites where the meals will be warmed and proportioned. The challenge is to produce in large quantities but with the same quality and cost requirements. “In the private sector, you will also find a dimension of business relationship that you do not have in the public,” says Patrice Jenta, whose duties include prospecting new customers.

Sensitivity to products is paramount, the nutritional balance being also one of the main challenges of the function, especially in the development of menus for schools (educational mission, taking into account allergies …) and hospitals ( specific schemes).

It is better not to fear responsibilities and initiatives. “We must also know how to show strength and support teams in case of problems,” says Patrice Jenta. In fact, the director must ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and food safety are respected, the slightest error that can have serious consequences for public health.


According to his experience, the seniority in the company and the size of the central kitchen, a director earns about 3,000 to 4,500 euros gross per month. In the public service, the remuneration will depend on the salary scale in force according to the statute.



The central kitchen manager position is generally accessible to experienced +2 bachelors.

– Private sector: after training in the hotel and restaurant industry, internal evolution can lead to this function, usually after management training. For graduates in management or commerce, experience in the restaurant sector is required.

– Public service: you must pass the competition to access the position of “Director of the collective catering”, also called: “responsible for the collective catering”, “director of collective catering management” or “manager of the collective catering “.



The small central kitchen manager can evolve into more and more important kitchens. Subsequently, he will take on more general management and higher responsibilities: purchasing director, sales manager, marketing director, regional director …

Renew your kitchen with this selection of ovens, cooking plates and bells – Technology from you to you

If you are one of those who are waiting for Black Friday to start with Christmas gifts, now you can also advance to the party of discounts with the juicy selection of offers that El Corte Inglés brings you . Why not take advantage of the Super Techno prizes to renovate your kitchen? Get the oven of your dreams, retire your kitchen plate or change that old bell once and get the best technology at an unbeatable price.

Investing in quality appliances is always a safe bet, even more when we talk about the kitchen. A good equipment of advanced design and with the best features can radically change your day to day, elevating your skills as a chef to another level. Do not think twice and discover all the offers that the new catalog brings you until next November 14th.



Nowadays there is no kitchen enthusiast who can pass without a good oven at home. Even if you are a newbie in the kitchen, a good oven will solve many headaches, making delicious dishes, more healthy and suitable for all occasions. You only need a multifunction model that allows you to prepare all kinds of recipes easily, salty or sweet.

The new ovens have become a chef’s assistant , they control the temperature with great precision and allow to obtain professional results. Roasts of meat, steamed vegetables, grilled fish, breads and pizzas, biscuits and cookies, potatoes, empanadas … you will dare with everything! Bet also for the pyrolytic technology to always have the oven perfectly clean without effort.

Multifunction oven Bosch HBG673BS1F

Multifunction oven Bosch HBG673BS1F

This advanced Bosch oven has 10 different cooking functions that can be adapted to any dish with precision, including special pizza, defrosting, grill in different positions and an eco mode to save heat and energy.

In addition, it includes an automatic program of 10 pre-programmed gourmet recipes so you do not have to worry about anything when you have less time to cook. Includes self-cleaning pyrolytic and the heating system 4D Professional guarantees you always perfect results.









Multifunctional furnace AEG BPS331120M pyrolytic

AEG BPS331120M pyrolytic oven

With this oven you will have no doubt at the time of cooking, since the appliance itself includes a temperature suggestion mode and guarantees absolute control by automatically regulating the degrees with precision. The 10 cooking modes are adapted to any dish, and with the advanced technology of the fan the heat reaches all parts equally, offering a uniform baking always.

You can cook several dishes at the same time at different levels with the guarantee that the heat is distributed evenly , saving time and energy. This model includes pyrolytic cleaning in two cycles and a reminder so that you always have it at maximum performance.







Multifunction oven Teka HSB 635 P

Multifunction oven Teka HSB 635 P

If you are really meticulous in cleaning, you will love the DualClean System of this Teka oven, which in addition to pyrolysis includes a washing mode with the force of steam . The new ovens of the brand are much more efficient, they heat faster and faster in less time and with less expense, with the consequent savings and respite for the environment.

This model of 70 liters capacity allows you to prepare large roasts or several dishes at once, with eight operating modes and comfortable telescopic guides so that it is very easy to handle. If you take advantage of the special discount you can get it for only 399.50 euros , 22% less than its original price.








Cooking plates

When it comes to renewing the kitchen plate, the same question always arises: gas, glass-ceramic or induction ? All have their advantages and disadvantages, although induction technology is becoming more and more prevalent in every home.

Its price is higher than the glass ceramic but has many more advantages. In addition to being very comfortable to clean, the induction heats directly the kitchen utensils through an electromagnetic field, so it is much faster, powerful and safe . You will save time and energy, without burns or risk of dirt burning.

The most leading brands offer models that adapt to all occasions, with cooking zones of different sizes , a great set of temperatures and special powers and functions, such as programming or safety locking.

Induction hob Bosch PXJ651FC1E

The DirectSelect control system makes it very easy to handle this plate to your liking: with just a touch you can control the power, time or cooking zones, which also have great flexibility. You have the giant area of ​​28 cm and a Flex zone where you can place any container, of any shape and size. Program the times or take advantage of the Sprint function to cook much faster.

Induction plate AEG IKB63301FB

The German house AEG presents with this plate a classic design of three cooking zones, but also includes a double diameter in the larger area to offer greater versatility. With the Booster function the maximum temperature is reached in the minimum time and with the digital timer and the minute timer you will always have the food ready in the exact time.

With a juicy cumulative discount of 35%, you can release this advanced induction plate in your kitchen now for only 398.65 euros .


Teka IZ 6315 induction plate

This Teka induction hob also has three individual cooking zones, with a double diameter to make the most of the space. It has practical features such as the Power mode of rapid heating , the detection of containers or the Stop & Go, to keep the power of the cooking to the minimum conserving the heat if you have to be absent from the kitchen.

It is very easy to operate with the Touch Control Multislider design of the touch control panel, and allows you to program the cooking with up to 99 minutes of time.


Extractor hoods

The extractor hood is often forgotten when we reform the kitchen, but its function is essential. It is responsible for extracting and filtering fumes, fats and oils in suspension, odors and other emissions derived from the kitchen, such as carbon monoxide.

Sometimes it costs to use it for the noise nuisance, but the new models offer much quieter and more efficient technologies that will also extend the good condition of the other appliances when filtering the steam and humidity. You can take this opportunity to give another look to the kitchen by changing your old model for a much more modern and decorative design.

Decorative hood Bosch DWB097A50

Decorative hood Bosch DWB097A50

With three LED lamps and a special soundproofing system , this Bosch hood offers four speeds and an EcoSilence engine to reduce annoying noises to the maximum. The aluminum filters are multi-layered and washable in the dishwasher, and have an intensive speed with automatic retraction.









Decorative bell AEG DBB5660HM


The bet of AEG in decorative bells has a system of connection Hob2Hood that allows to connect with the compatible plates, to activate and regulate of form automatically according to the concrete needs of cooking. It also offers SilentTech mode, reducing noise, and a breeze mode to cool the kitchen and leave the air free of vapors and odors.


Decorative hood Teka DSH 685

Decorative hood Teka DSH 685

The motor of this plate is of double turbine and has an EcoPower mode to offer a greater capacity of extraction with less emissions and reducing the level of noise . It has four speeds, including the option intensitva, and a programmer with backlit control controls.

 If you were thinking of renewing one of the main appliances of your kitchen, take advantage of the moment ahead of Black Friday with these appetizing offers. Remember that you can enjoy these special discounts from El Corte Inglés only until next November 14th.